CAM 2021 Modern Art Catalogue of Italian Artists from the early-20th C. to the present.

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20th and 21st Century Italian Artists volume 56

Just published!

Proud to be part of it.

“FRAMMENTI” Poems by Daniela Calzoni

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   BOOK COVER AND INSIDE PHOTO: “Onde in Bianco” and ” Il Mare a Casa”

FRAGMENTS: a tale of ceramic paintings…new collection

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Ceramic courses and worshops in the Studio

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Pottery workshops and courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced students will run from September.

I will accomodate as much as is possible, dates to suit participants.

Minimum number of students  2, maximum 6.

For private-individual lessons please enquire.

Mobile-Whatsapp number:   +39 347 2997200


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  Collective exhibition in Arezzo ( Tuscany )

  3 May-3 June


Spring Events

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An International Women’s Ceramic Week 

Gadarte Gallery, Florence (Italy)

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About the exhibition at Ceramic Museum in Grottaglie

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